I would love to go to college to major in Archeology. It has always been my dream since I have been five years old. I know you are probably wondering why a five year old girl already knew that she wants to be an archeologist when she goes up, well I knew this because I wasn’t a normal kid, I’m still not normal actually. I would (and still do) watch archeology programs with my dad on the History channel all the time. We would usually watch Zahi Hawass as he walked through King Tut’s tomb and fought off the scary deathstalkers (they are a type of scorpion by the way). Zahi Hawass is probably the most important archeologist to me, well expect Lara Croft of course.

Coming from a family with many different cultures and religious taught me not to judge things that are different than you but to study it and appreciate it. I really enjoy going to museums and learning things that I did not know before and I also love learning new languages as well. When I learn new languages I like to teach myself. I like to teach myself because being dyslexic learning anything new is harder than it needs to be and most teachers would not understand that. For example, when I was teaching myself Korean I would listen to Korean music, watch Korean TV shows and my dad would take me to the Korean market and I would buy some Korean foods and I would talk in Korean to the nice lady that was always behind the counter even though I was nervous that I was going to pronounce something wrong. I’m not 100% fluent in this language by any means but I’m proud that I can look at a Korean symbol and know how to pronounce it and I talk in Korean pretty much everyday because one of my best friends knows a little Korean as well.

One thing that I need to overcome if I want to become an archeologist is to overcome being shy. I’m EXTREMELY shy. When those two AFS representatives came to our class to talk about becoming a foreign exchange student and the boy asked if any of us had any Russian friends…yeah I do have some Russian friends. I have eight Russian friends to be honest. I was just too shy and nervous to raise my hand.  From my experience Russian people are very nice, religious, creative, funny, outgoing and not what people make them out to be. Why would I be nervous over that?

Since I have started looking at colleges I have noticed that a lot of colleges in the US don’t have archaeology. I have received many letters from colleges but only two of the many colleges have archeology and only one out of the two lets you major in it. The school is called Edinburgh University and its in Scotland. The university is older than our country! Thats totally crazy! I would love to go to school here and I hold hop on the next plane to Scotland (if somebody payed for the plane ticket of course) but where would I find the money for that? Its like a thousand times more expensive than going to college in the States! (I might as well drop out of high school and become a pirate.)

I already of a plan on where I’m going to and who I’m going with (did you really think that I was going to travel the world by myself?!) First I’m going to Plymouth (exotic right?) with my dad to go see my ancestor William Brewster’s tomb and find *cough* the Holy Grail (Hey hey okay he was the priest on the Mayflower and just let me dream…it could be there.) My little sister and I are going to Greece so she can bore me on the different styles of columns. I am going to China with my mom so we can walk The Great Wall of China and see the Terra cotta warriors because she loves them so much (when we saw them at a museum she cried and it was great.) Then I’m taking my whole family to the one and only place I want to go before I die…The Valley of the Kings in Egypt. I’m taking them so when I discover the 98% that is undiscovered so they can hold my findings. Its going to be fun trust me.









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  1. krco18 says:

    I agree that this would be a cool experience!


  2. I like your determination. Very inspiring post.


  3. . says:

    i agree it would be an interesting experience


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