Marching Band

Oh marching band. I have been looking forward to you since I started band in the 5th grade and now that I am here I don’t want to leave you. Okay I will be real, marching band eats up all of your time. Practice everyday, practice after school on Thursdays, football games Friday and parades and/or band shows on Saturday and Sunday. Yes band does get annoying and most of the time I don’t want to go but marching band is a huge deal. Being told by doctors that I will never walk (let alone march) and I will never read music did get me down but that all went away when I showed them up and won The Squad of the Year Award my first year of marching band. Being in the same squad of the doctor’s son that told me that I will never walk and I will never do anything with my life is probably the best part of being apart of marching band. (I love showing people up.)

Music is so important to me and my whole family. If anybody is from a Catholic family they would really understand how important music is. I believe I fell in love with music when I would go to Sunday school and church. Looking at the beautiful stain glass windows, hearing but not being able to see the choir and believing that they were angels, looking at my dad and seeing how he is acting like he knows what is going on but he really doesn’t (my dad was baptized Protestant in Germany and if you know the backstory of Protestants and Catholics you know that it’s not the greatest relationship.) The sound of the men and women’s singing voices would just bounce off the marble wall of the church and it was just so overbearing and powerful. Looking at the cold stone statue of the Holy Mother in the garden would usually scare me but it seemed like her features would get softer when you could hear people singing from the cracked wooden door leading into the chapel.

I am over the moon excited to go on the Mardi Gras trip to New Orleans this up coming year. I have never been to Louisiana before…well I have never been to a different time zone before. I’m going to count this trip as a vacation because I am spending it with my band family and I have a whole week with out school and also because I am in need of a vacation. (The last time I went on vacation was when I was in the 4th grade and that was to Virginia.) Doing anything with my band family makes everything so much more fun. I loving going to Cedar Point every year with them after band camp. This year was especially fun because I FINALLY got over my fear of roller coasters! (I know, I’m a big baby.) My friends and I rode a bunch of rides and I also got to ride with Mr.T (I can die happily now), we played in Lake Erie and we ate a bunch of junk food. It is also band day when we go to Cedar Point so we get to watch other marching bands from Ohio parade around the park. The only reason we don’t march as well is because T loves roller coasters more than he loves ice tea.

Not so excited about marching 9 miles but spending time with the fam and being in a different place is going to even that out.







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  1. BethCTech says:

    Another great post, full of specific details, and I especially like the photo. Nicely done!


  2. foodgirlsite says:

    Marching band really seems like a lot of work, people definitely don’t give band kids enough credit, especially students


  3. soccer4620 says:

    Band sounds like fun. I’m glad you’ve found something you enjoy so much!


  4. Taelor says:

    I’m in band to at my high school in Ohio. I play the alto saxophone. I think that marching band is difficult at times but if you work hard it becomes easier. I personally think that the hardest part about band is first learning how to read sets. You have to know the yard line, which side of the field you’re on, how far you are from the hashes and a whole bunch of other stuff too.


    1. cultureasite says:

      The stress of being an Ohio band and everyone comparing you to OSU.


  5. MARCHING BAND!!!!!!! (sorry I got a little excited) God I miss it so much, UGH!!! and don’t even get me started on how much I love T.


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