Election Day 2016

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“Vote” by League of Women Voters of California LWVC is licensed to share under CC 2.0.


We are counting down the days to Election Day 2016 and it feels like everyone in America is holding their breath. Now since I am not old enough to vote I generally do not care who wins and who doesn’t, but it seems like everybody else is at war on who is going to be president. Me being myself, I don’t like being very serious and I enjoy taking serious topics and making them funny. Flash back to the time I went to the mall with a couple of my friends and we found some Hillary and Trump masks. Without even thinking about it we basically ripped the masks of the shelve on slammed them on the cashier’s counter. The rest of the day we had a lovely little drive around town flaunting are presidential masks. Well expect my friend who was driving, she purchased a hat the said “Feel the burn.” because safety first am I right kids?  (We are good noodles Mrs. Crawford I swear.)

Myself was Hillary and my friend Austin was Trump (Austin doesn’t go to KR so don’t get too excited.) We drove around, stared at a couple of people, got flipped off a couple of times. Then we had this brilliant idea to go to Young’s and then go through Yellow Springs. Sadly we did not wear our masks inside because of the fear that we were going to get kicked and all we wanted was cheese curds and milkshakes. We were getting ready to leave Young’s when the driver (Well she does go to KR and I need to keep her profile on the down low so sh.) could not place her car keys. We scanned Young’s up and down (probably looking like total creeps.) in search of the keys. In the end we did find her keys, in the car engine which was on. Now since her car is older than Moses and has roll down windows, you also needed to lock the doors manually and this is where Austin comes in. God bless his soul for not locking his door because the driver and I did lock our doors. We got in the car, the driver got off the phone with her dad which ended with “Nothing we got it. We didn’t break anything we are adults. See you when I get home.”

I was highly upset that we did not get the chance to go through Yellow Springs with the windows down blasting rap music with our masks on but there is always the next election. Hopefully. *Que emotional music* Please vote. Take this awesome chance while we have it. Make your voice heard!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. primalcashew says:

    Why wait? Do that even after the election. You know. After Trump wins. *Squints eyes defiantly*


  2. BethCTech says:

    I was worried when I saw the title, but this post was lighthearted instead. I’m glad you didn’t have to call a locksmith to open the car doors!


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