I used the word ‘Energy’ to *cough* “paint” on my rock because everybody can use a little bit of more energy am I right?

I am the queen of procrastination and I have grown tired of my throne. I’m more in the mood to actually do things (wow I know call me crazy). I also picked this word because what is the point of having any other word or emotion if you don’t have energy? This word will make me actually be a normal functioning human (what?! I know right!) High school, well, school in general is not my favorite thing to do and maybe this word will make me actually “excited” t0 go and be apart of school. Hopefully this one word will help me get a job and a car and help me get up and do fun things with my friends on the weekend as well. What this one word is NOT going to do is make my rule of the kingdom of procrastination everlasting.

This one word is a CHANGE and I mean CHANGE from 2016 because, I mean, it was 2016. 2016.


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  1. lmg1020 says:


    Was this an activity for New Year’s goals? I like the idea of making our goals visual.

    I am your mentor for this challenge, so you might see me commenting on some of your tasks. I am a high school English teacher in Ohio.

    I really enjoyed reading your About Me page, but didn’t see a place to comment. Can you change your settings so that other people could comment on your page?

    Here’s a link to my blogsite and my students’ blogs if you’d like to check out what we are writing about!


  2. Judit says:

    Your personality shines through your writing, you seem like a very fun person. I agree, energy is important if you want to be active in life. Whether that be socially, physically , educational, whatever. Energy can help your life improve by 100 percent. Check my blog out if you’d like.


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