Slow Hollows

Slow Hollows is an amazing band that I discovered this week. As you can tell I have fallen head first into a dark, cold, fangirl hole and I can’t find the way out. I discovered this band by watching a music video called “PERFECT” by Tyler, The Creator. This video randomly just showed up on my suggestions and the only reason I clicked on it is because it showed pastel colors and butterflies. (Pastels and butterflies are my weakness but its still a wonder why this video showed up because I have never listened to Tyler, The Creator in my life.) Like the first minute of the song is Tyler, The Creator and a singer named, Kali Uchis, singing. Singing, singing, blah blah, random french words, then BAM! Austin Feinstein shows up doing the last minute of the song. This 19 year old man child has the voice of a 40 year old man. I no joke fell out of my chair. And being the normal 16 year old girl that I am, I looked him up on Instagram. There I learned that he is the lead singer of a group named “Slow Hollows”.

First I thought, “Wow that’s a dumb name.” and second I thought, “Do I really want to listen to this band? It might ruin the magical moment I first saw Austin Feinstein.” But boy oh boy was I glad that I listened to this band! Even though I have only had knowledge of this band for the past 5 days, it feels like I have known them my whole life. They are REAL teenagers like I am. They are not rich, they are not hugely famous, they are not a company made band to get money, they are just a couple of kids that are apart of a small music company and they are making music just because they want to. (Well, Austin was in a fashion show but we are not going to talk about that so mOVInG ON.)

Slow Hollows is an indie band, which means its the type of music you would find watching a John Green movie. This type of music reminds me of Yellow Springs, or an H&M store in the mall, or a really depressed teen, or, like I said, a John Green movie. Mix that all together with some questionable hair choices and thus Slow Hollows was born! For some odd reason I can not find a photo of all the members together so I’ll just tell you…you’re welcome. Austin Feinstein- Guitar & vocals, Dylan Thinnes- Guitar, Aaron Jassenoff- bass, Reed Kanter- Synthesizer (See, I told you this band was cool.) Jackson Katz- drums and Daniel Fox on the trumpet.

The greatest thing about this blog post is not me typing this “fantastic” post about them, or even me listening to them right now, but no the best part is that they are in Cleveland right now having a concert. 🙂

Me: “Dad can you take me to this concert on Friday?”

Dad: “No. I have work in the morning.”

Me: “Quit your job.”




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  1. This is the most relatable blog. I love it. The way you write about things is so entertaining and amazing


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