I feel like Disney is a major part of pretty much every bodies life. Doesn’t matter if they are girl or boy, old or young, American or not, it doesn’t matter. I personally love Disney movies and books and the way Disney just includes everybody. Disney just haven’t a major impact in my life but in my family’s life as well. When my parents got married they did not have a traditional bride and groom cake topper, no, they had Cinderella and Prince Charming placed on the top-tier of their white wedding cake. They even went to Disney World for their honeymoon! (Let’s not talk about freshman year where the choir had a trip to Disney World and that year I was apart of choir. Long story short I couldn’t go and I probably cried for like three days. I didn’t sign up for choir after that.)

I like to believe Disney is the reason why America is the way it is today. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was first shown in movie theaters during the Great Depression and it also was the first major cartoon movie in color. This movie helped a lot (mostly children) forget about the unforgiving time that they were living in and just helped them escape even it was for an hour and thirty minutes. Since then we have had a puppet that wants to be a real boy, a beauty and a beast, and now the daughter of the chief trying to save her village. (Oh yeah, and Star Wars. Star Wars is a thing.)

Disney movie are so impactful and uplifting because, like I said, they include everybody and they make everybody feel special. Mainly with the Disney princesses. The Disney group pick girls from all corners of the earth and make them unique and special. Cinderella with her glass slippers, Jasmine with the magic carpet, and I mean freaking Ariel was half-fish people. I also really like the idea of changing classic cartoon movies into live action and making them sorta darker. Making them more down to earth with the orginal story. Like have you ever read the orginal story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, or Cinderella, because I mean. Wow.

Oh the music. OH THE MUSIC. If you do not like Disney music please go the emergency room right now because I think there is something really wrong with your health and I just want the best for you buddy. Personally, my favorite song is “Eye to eye” from the Goofy Movie.

*Watching Moana with my family* 

Me: *Leans over to whisper to my little sister* If Lin Manuel-Miranda sings. I’m going to cry.

*We Know The Way plays*

Me: I’m crying.


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  1. lartiste18 says:

    Disney has had a huge impact on my life as well! I grew up watching disney movies 24/7, and I still do honestly.


  2. freemymind18 says:

    I really like this post because Disney is truly a magical place. I went to Disney for my first time this year and it is the best place ever.


  3. I love Disney and the movies and music! I totally feel you here


  4. Disney is the best thing ever! It has had such a big impact on the world.


  5. soccer4620 says:

    Disney movies are the best! I might to a post about High School Musical.


  6. I love this post because I have gone to Disney so many times, have watched the movies and sang along to the songs. Disney has impacted my life for the better and I will never stop dancing around in my room to “Part of your World” from The Little Mermaid.


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