9? 5? 13?!

So if you are a student or a teacher at the great school of Kenton Ridge High School you might have noticed that half of the school was missing for around five days. Oh yeah, we did that one thing down in New Orleans, the parade, yeah that one.

I have never been to New Orleans in my live and honestly it was like Yellow Springs on steroids. It’s so pretty and loud and bright and I just felt like I have been there my whole life. Do you ever feel like you have been somewhere before but you that you haven’t? Because that was me the first day we got there. After the first day I knew the French Quarter like the back of my hand   Emily: “Do you know where you are going?” Me: “Nope. The only past knowledge I have of New Orleans is Princess and the Frog and that’s what I’m going off of.” I kept getting yelled at because I was “walking too fast”. I just wanted to go. I wanted to see (Before I lost my soul in the parade.) Oh the first day we got there was SO HOT. Like it was Ohio’s summer. Even one of the tour guides said that it was hot. This one sentence straight up told me that I was going to freaking die during the parade from a heat stroke but luckily I didn’t die from heat stroke but died from something else.

The day of the parade we went to a swamp tour. Which in my head was going to a swamp and walking around but, thank God and all the Saints (ha) we did not, we were on a boat the whole time and the tour guide was an older man who had an awesome southern voice and I really wanted to ask him if he was narrate my life. (I did not know until this trip that a lot of people in band were afraid of boats which was always a plus.) After the swamp tour we went back to the hotel to put our uniforms on then went to a mall to eat lunch. I’m still confused on why we put our uniforms before we had lunch because if one of us got something on our pants T would have killed them. Blah blah, lunch is over, everybody that has a heart is having a panic attack, so when we get to the park they won’t let us get in because the bus was too big. We all know T and his honeyed words and how he gets everything he wants (I mean, look at the band and then look at other groups in school.) So after 20 minutes of T bribing the police, they let us through. We got off the bus and got all of out instruments and then I started to look around. I found, and I’m not joking, two girls in marching band from the three different bands around us. All the other girls were either cheerleaders are in color guard. There was this one band that the only people who played instruments were guys and all the girls were cheerleaders. During one of the breaks (I know. WE ACTUALLY HAD BREAKS. IT WAS GREAT.) I was talking to this group of little kids and this little girl asked me why I did not become a cheerleader or a dancer. I never thought about that. I don’t want to be that person that is like “The south is so different and the north is the best.” but, THERE WAS ONLY TWO GIRL MARCHERS!

In that same group of kids, there was this little boy who would dance with me. We were doing ups ups and downs downs and the punch (It really doesn’t have a name but the band kids understand what I’m talking about.) I was counting for him and telling him when to go up, when to go down, and when to spin and punch and look like you are falling but end up catching yourself. Turns out that he actually plays the mellophone himself.

Okay so the title. We were told like 2 years ago that this parade was going to be 9 miles long. Okay fine. Then we get there and we were told it was changes to 5. Yes! I can do that. That’s a walk in the park. We get there. We do the parade. March around the Superdome. Have a heart attack because of the fireworks. We ask T how long it was and said “…13 miles.” ARE YOU JOKING. EVERYTHING HURTS, MY HAND AND FOOT ARE BLEEDING. MY LIPS ARE RED AS CHERRIES AND I’M SO HUNGRY AND TIRED. Oh my God. You know what we should have done when we were practicing. MARCHED ON BEADS. That was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. People were slipping and yelping and almost choking on their reeds from slipping. But I think the highlight of the parade weren’t those little kids, or the fact that Flo Rida was right behind us, no, it was when Emily got hit in the face with a frisbee when we were marching. I’m pretty sure that I laughed for a half of a mile. Oh and according to Miss Berger a half of a mile is actually 5 miles. Learned that during the parade.

I’m pretty sure we didn’t win because we were all holding on to life when we marched around the Superdome but, I heard that we were the only band that played the whole time. Where is my medal for that!? But the only think that matters is that people loved us. People were getting into it. They freaked when we kicked and did hops and when we freaking bowed. I have noticed that we do do a lot more than other bands because we don’t march with a color guard or the cheerleaders so we have to do something flashy. It’s just us. The marching band.

A lot of people said that we were their favorite band and they were glad we were there. But, I thought if one more person said “Let’s go Ohio!” or “O-H.” or “Y’all came all the way from Ohio?” I was going to punch them in the face,

If you can’t tell I’m really tired and don’t want to go to school because my arms and legs are so sore and I just want to sleep.

Okay so one last thing. Dear Springfield News-Sun. We did not die! Okay, thanks.


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  1. First1 says:

    Glad that you shared your experience. Sounds like a great time, apart from the actual marching.


  2. BethCTech says:

    Your blogs are always an experience. Thank you so much for the details–I could almost imagine I was there.


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