A through Z of me

(First, here is a video of the marching band that I am in because it is a big part of my life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRzDF_P2Vf0  Okay, continue reading.)

A- Ave- nope. Almost got ya there. (I’m trying to keep Mrs. Crawford’s dream of “nobody gonna know which blog post is yours until the end of the year, it’s gonna be great.” alive.)

B- Band Camp. What happens in band camp, stays in band camp.

C- Concert band…let’s not talk about it.

D- Dyslexia. Uh well, it makes me…well me! Duh! Which it also makes Word Searches VERY fun. Keep passing those out teachers. (I hope you can smell my sarcasm through the screen.)

E- Eating. The dollar menu at McDonald’s is a High Schoolers best friend let me tell you.

F- French. I know how to speak it I’m just really bad at tests. NO WAIT COME BACK. I SWEAR.

G- Game Grumps. *Takes a deep breath* HEY I’M GRUMP, I’M NOT SO GRUMP AND WE’RE THE GAME GRUMPS. Okay, got that out of my system for today.

H- High School. Ah yes, good ole High School. (Please help me. I’m so stressed out.)

I- Indy. We go to Indy almost every year and, yeah it’s fun once you get over the fact that it is 120 degrees on the blacktop.

J- John Legend. My aunt lives down the street from his mom’s house so we are basically best friends.

K- Kenton Ridge. We can play basketball. NO WAIT COME BACK. WE SWEAR.

L- Laughing. I love laughing dude. I laugh at myself all the time. Oh God.

M- Marching Band. T: “The parade is going to be 9 miles so we are practicing for uh…8 months. Even after band season.” Band: “Alright… I guess”. *After 17 hours on the road, we finally get down to the Big Easy.* T: *Gets on the microphone* “Good news my dudes! It’s only 5 miles!” Band: “Yes! That’s going to be a walk in the park!” *Gets back to the hotel after marching for 6 hours straight, marching through the Super Doom, and getting the Jesus scared out of because of the fireworks. We are bleeding, our lips are bright red, it hurts too much to think about walking let alone actually doing it, and just to top it all off our parents think we’re all dead.* T: “So uh, it’s was 13 miles.” Band: “NO REALLY? WE COULDN’T TELL.”

N- New Orleans. I want to go back! Not to high step march for 13 miles, no, but just to go and eat Beignets by the Mississippi and look at the nice homeless people. *Sigh*

O- Ohana. Ohana means fam fam and fam fam means everybody is lit. Oh wait, that’s from Band Camp…YOU DIDN’T READ THAT. MOVING ON.

P- Push Ups. Doing push ups in a middle of a hornet invested field at Northwestern was, probably, the peak of my marching band career.

Q- Questions. I ask so many and I’m sorry I JUST NEED TO KNOW DANG IT.

R- Reading. I enjoy reading so much but I just don’t have the time because of school.

S- Skyrim. Dovahkiin, Dovahiin, blah blah blah.

T- Tomb Raider. In other words, my childhood. The only game I don’t have is “Legend” so if you wanna hook a sista up.

U- Uniform. What ever you do, don’t bleach your uniform. *Glares at someone*

V- “Vacation.” What…what even is that? Va-ca-tion. No idea.

W- Weather. Ohio only has two seasons. Summer and Winter. What is this “Spring” and “Fall” you people speak of? “Spring” is what you find at a hardware store and “Fall” is what happens when you are not paying attention at band camp.

X- X-files. I’m not saying it’s Aliens but it’s Aliens.

Y- Yellow Springs. * Sees somebody, no joke, fishing in a storm drain.* “God I love this place.”

Z- Z-end.

(Oh look. Here is where I got the picture: http://www.draplin.com/1998/01/ddc045_everything_ohio_poster_1.html  that’s pretty neat.) Go Bucks!!!!




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  1. Who is Ave cause they sound like a great person.


  2. I literally freaking love your sense of humor.


  3. lmg1020 says:


    I’d love to visit Yellow Springs. I’ve heard it is a fun town!

    I’m your mentor for this challenge and I have to say I love the format of your site. Nice job! Have you been blogging for a while?

    I teach freshmen and junior English. Here’s a link to our class blog and my personal blog if you’d like to get to know us too!

    Great job!


    1. cultureasite says:

      Oh hey! Thanks for liking my site! Means a lot to me. I’m really excited about this blog post challenge and making new friends in my state and around the world. (If I’m lucky enough!) And actually, no, I haven’t been blogging for a while. I have only started writing for my CPP English class. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it so much but, here we are! I would love to look at your student’s blog post and making comments and don’t worry about the comment on the other post. More comments the better! You should be able to comment on the About Me post now (I know it’s not the best but, it was my first one okay?) Well, I don’t have anything else to say so talk to ya later!
      P.S. (I lied) You should totally make a trip down to Yellow Springs and just take in all the hippiness. Make sure you say hi to Mr. Echo in Dark Star Books for me. (He’s the cat by the way.)


      1. lmg1020 says:

        Oh my gosh. I would love to meet Mr. Echo and I love a cool bookstore.


  4. lmg1020 says:

    Gosh, I just realized I already gave you this information and commented on another post. Sorry!


  5. luvlife52 says:

    This is really creative!!


  6. Sue says:

    G’day Avery,
    What a fantastic style of writing! Despite only blogging for a while you certainly have some interesting posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. BethCTech says:

    I love this post–great details, and I hope the reveal at the end of the year is worth it : )


  8. Autumn Archer says:

    Holy crap, there is a lot of things I want to talk about with you and I don’t even really know you. O.k. 1)I LOVE YELLOW SPRINGS!! Every year I camp at John Bryan State Park with my dad and brothers and we get up really early to eat at that Sunrise Cafe and get the pumpkin pancakes. 2)I’m also in a marching band. Not as large as yours though. I play the sax in Franklin Heights High School marching band and concert band. oh yeah introduction, Hello, my name is Autumn and I did things backwards.

    i’m gonna leave a link to my blog

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I love this blog post so much, that I stole the idea myself, I hope you don’t mind. 😉


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