Other Students Blogs

Here are the comments that I made on other student’s blog post that are taking the Blog Post Challenge as well.

(Catrina, Australia)


Hey Cat! My name is Avery and from Ohio, USA.

I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I loved how every line was a different color (Or colour. I’m trying to be Australian here just bear with me here.) I wish my website let me do that! What really stood out to be, besides the *cough* colour, was what you talked about body image. To be content with your body image is a huge deal especially if you’re a teenage girl. Good job!

P.S. Your background. Does it snow a lot down there? It’s snow up here right now and I’m hoping that my school calls in a snow day. *Sigh* We can only hope.


(Maddison, Australia)


Hey Maddison! My name is Avery and I’m from Ohio, USA.

By naming all of the animals, it sounds a lot like Ohio! I pass cows, horses, goats, and all sorts of different animals on my way to school everyday. I used to read Warrior Cats when I was in middle school. I read like the first three books and then realized that there is so many books in the series that I was never going to have enough time to read through all of it! I have two cats as well. Their names are Roman and Jackson. There a bunch of gray fluff balls. Good job on your blog post! Here is mine if you like to check it out: https://cultureasite.wordpress.com/

See ya!


(Emily, Australia)


Hey Emily! My name is Avery and I’m from Ohio, USA.

That must have been really hard moving so far away from home at such a young age but, I’m glad that you enjoy living down in Australia and made a bunch knew friends! I also have a 14 year old sibling! Her name is Kendall and me and her are like to peas in a pod. I also was born in July as well! July 3, 2000. So close to July 4th but *sigh* oh well. I love art class. I always doodle on left over and blank papers that I have from school and sometimes I draw on my hand. (My mom hates when I do that.)

Here is my blog post if you would like to look at it:


See ya!


(Chelsea, Australia)


Hey Chelsea! My name is Avery and I’m from Ohio, USA.

This is a really cool idea! I might do it for my profile picture (if I have the time). It’s currently a picture of St. Louis Cathedral. I snapped of photo of it when my school marching band that I’m in, went down to New Orleans to march in a parade for Mardi Gras. But maybe I can make an excuse to change it! Good job! Here is my blog site if you would like to see it:


See ya!

Picture: https://openclipart.org/detail/233143/united-globe


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