Oh look! A puzzle! (What is this? Tomb Raider?) By now, you might I have guessed that this puzzle and blog post is about Germany. (AND YOU’RE CORRECT.) It’s about my family in the good ole land of Deutschland! (I can see Mrs. Crawford freaking out because this blog website is supposed to me anonymous but, you know Mrs. Crawford, I don’t talk to anybody at school so it’s fine. Trust me.) So a little back story of meine familie, we are from the Northern part of Germany surrounding the Rhine River. We started out as a poor family, cutting down trees and watch them drift down the river and doing whatever people do that live on a marsh. But through the years we started climbing up in rank and soon enough we were Nobles. How did we do this? I don’t know. We probably threatened someone or got a real rich guy drunken off of Bier or something like that, BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER. WE HAD MONEY.

Soon enough we started moving to America and that’s why I am here today. Most German’s went to Ohio (Wow, that’s where I’m from.), Maryland, New England, Virginia, and Pennsylvania once they moved to America. (My mom and dad wanted us to live in German Village in Columbus so we could be the little perfect German Catholic family but the houses there are not on the cheap side)

The thing about the Brock family is that we don’t know when to stop. Apparently we were the “most influential family” in Northern Germany. Which makes sense to me because, well let me note somethings to you.

My mom had a rare form of Brain Cancer and she was the ONLY woman in the United States. Did she beat it? Of course she did and she still has her own business! Doctors told me that I would never walk and I would be forever bond to a wheelchair. Can I walk? Totally! I marched 13 miles a couple of weeks ago. My great grandpa fought in World War 2 and Korea and did he get hurt. Nope. My grandpa fought in Vietnam and his role was to, legit, hang outside of a helicopter and shoot a huge gun, Did he die? Nah, he lives down the street. (If you have ever played Fallout 4 and got into that Vertibird, that’s what he did.) My sister was born with a hole in her heart and does she have a heart now? I mean, she has one that pumps out blood but an emotional one? Nein. (See. We’re pretty cool.)

Most Brocks work for the Government or they’re Artists (meaning not just drawers, but singers and musicians and all that jazz.) and I guess *sigh* I’ll just be both.




(Pictures are cool)*&imgrc=BEyRbuxfyYKx_M


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  1. lmg1020 says:

    I am so happy to hear your mom is doing well. My son is a cancer survivor. Good job on your posts, as always!


  2. Ida says:

    Well I am not sure what to think about your text. It’s very interesting to read so much about you and your family , and I am very glad that you all are healthy and wealthy. So liebe Grüße from Austria 😀


  3. cultureasite says:

    You know you did your blog post right when fluent German speaking people slightly cringe.


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