So, let’s talk about my Dyslexia

Your’e probably saying to yourself, “Oh my God, she is talking about Dyslexia again. Choose a different topic!” And what I say to you is, yeah I should probably choose a different topic but I already started typing so.

So Dyslexia, I’m not going to go all Dr. Phil on you and tell you detail by detail of what Dyslexia is and how it effects my brain, I’m just going to give you a simple, basic, understanding of what it is to ME and how it effects MY brain. First things first, there is not just ONE type of Dyslexia, there are SEVEN. I’m lucky enough to a more functioning type of Dyslexia. Yeah, it’s hard for me to spell sometimes and read and everything a normal person would think about when they think about Dyslexia, but some people with higher levels of Dyslexia can’t even read or know what sound a letter makes. And this person could be, let’s say, my age. I am 16 years old. Think about being 16 years old in High School, you have been enrolled in school for about 13 years or so, and you can’t even read no matter how badly you yearn for it. (Your’e welcome for that image.)



So what is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is just, basically, the right side of your brain is A LOT stronger than the left side of you brain. (There is something actually blocking in front of a part of the left brain blah blah I’m not Dr. Phil.) Obviously (I had to look up how to even spell this word.) people would see this as a bad thing. More than anything, if Dyslexia blocked a part of the right brain, well, THAT WOULD BE GREAT! (Sarcasm) You would be the smartest person to ever walk on God’s green grass, according on how mainstream looks at it. We all want to have more access to our left brain so we can be the best we can be. (Sarcasm) (News Flash. Most likely when you think of really smart people in History, Albert Einstein is probably bound to be in anyone’s Top 3 list. Yeah, Einstein was Dyslexic. Okay moving on.)

Going to school being Dyslexic is not fun. I repeat, not fun. All through elementary I was in a “Special Needs” class. They would take you out of you regular class for most of the day to have one on one time with you and other students. I actually loved this, the one on one thing but, hated being with the same group of people for 6 years. Now, I’m not saying I hated the people in this class, I found my best friend in this class but, we were so isolated from everybody else in the building. Being in a room by yourself and other people would make a young kid feel special and that they were important but now that I look back on it, I would have taken all those kids and me back to our home room and sat down with the “normal” kids in school. It was awful. (I was the only Dyslexic person in my grade and I’m probably still am to be honest.) Who knew that a joyful and colorful room, lined with picture books and posters of funny looking animals, would be a jail cell in disguise. (I remember being in this room that I described and when we were learning the letters ‘B’ & ‘D’. I just wouldn’t wrap my head around the idea. They look the same to me! Because it took me so long to fully understand something so “simple” and “easy”, the teacher would laugh at me, and I would begin to cry. But at least I now know the difference between ‘B’ & ‘D’. Thanks.)

How did my parents find out that I was Dyslexic? My parents found out the last part of my Kindergarten year. They found out when The State of Ohio came in and tested on me because every teacher I had before this moment, pledged that I was up to speed with all the other kids. (Which was a HUGE lie.) I went through two years of Preschool and most of Kindergarten before somebody was like, “This girl is falling behind. We probably should help her.” I don’t understand why people are so afraid of Dyslexia? It’s not some deadly virus or something that you can catch. You can’t even catch it! A person gets Dyslexia from the genes from their lovely mother & father. (It’s in your jeans kid.) See, I’m Dyslexic because my dad is. (My dad is the only person that I personally know that has Dyslexia, well, besides me of course.) He just gave me his genes of being Dyslexic, which isn’t a bad thing! Nobody had any control over that! (It’s called “Biology”. Stay in school kids.) (Me and my dad are like the some person but the only difference is, I have hair.)

I also don’t understand why Dyslexia is rarely talked about. Inside or outside of school. Dyslexia is VERY COMMON in the U.S. Some people will have a form of Dyslexia and they will never know! About 3 million new cases of Dyslexia pop up every year. I don’t know about you, but to me, if there is a major thing, like this, that affects a huge body of a population, like this, it would be talked about more and not be sitting in the dark until it turns out you have a form of it. There are a lot, and mean A LOT, of mainstream celebrities that have a form of Dyslexia. Some are Steven Spielberg, Henry Winkler, and Anderson Cooper. Why, WHY DON’T THEY USE THEIR FAME TO TALK ABOUT THIS ISSUE AND HELP OTHER PEOPLE? ALL THE PEOPLE I NOTED OFF WORK WITH TV. THEY HAVE ALL THE OUTLETS IN THE WORLD TO TALK ABOUT THIS I ONLY HAVE WORDPRESS. I GUESS IF, I MEAN WHEN, WHEN I BECOME FAMOUS I’LL TALK ABOUT IT. I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. Sorry, I just got a little heated about that situation. (I also feel very strongly about this with Brain Cancer and Type One Diabetes. But those are different stories.)

During the end of my 5th grade year, I took a test and “graduated” out of “Special Needs”. In Middle School I was in so-called, “Normal” classes. And I guess I did alright because now I’m in an Advance College English Class when I’m only a Junior in High School. This is the class that made us start these blog posts. At the beginning of this assignment, I honestly dreaded the whole idea of writing a blog every week but, I love it, I really do. I think it’s so fun and yeah, it takes me a little bit longer than the other students because I can’t freaking spell half the time but, I believe that this whole thing made me a stronger writer. This made me feel that I could write about anything that was on my mind and nobody could judge me. I could type a lot more about Dyslexia but I feel like this is A LOT for a blog post. (Even for me.) I might write other blog post about this later because, I mean, this is my favorite subject. I know a lot of people wont read this because this is “too long” (Honestly people have told me that they don’t read my posts because they are too long.) but, I got this off my chest and I feel a lot better. I just needed to vent for a moment. If you have any questions about Dyslexia, you can ask me! I would love to answer questions.

(Pictures are Dyslexic Student’s best friends)  (See if you can read that paragraph at the top. I had no trouble with it, did you?)    (You can get a cool new wallpaper too. God, this blog post is like a 2-in-1.)



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  1. Great post, love! The way you can still slip your sense of humor into something on the more-serious side is adorable. I’ve never minded that your posts are kind of long, but hey, that’s just me. (:

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    1. cultureasite says:

      I’m not Dr. Phil but…


  2. galaxyspork says:

    I love how you chose this topic! I’m sure you give hope to other people with dyslexia!


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