Zoo Day = Fun Day

Today, me and the whole Zoology class took a little field trip to the Columbus Zoo. Let me tell you, it was SUPER fun! (I may be 16 years old but I was 4 for today.) On the drive up there we were all pumped up because we thought nobody was going to be there because, obviously, everyone and their brother were going to be at school. Wrong. Apparently every school in the state of Ohio is on Spring Break but ours. The schools were mostly little kids and they were so cute in their matching shirts and they were skipping around and pointing at all of the animals. (*Sigh* So cute.) But the zoo was more packed than were thought it was going to be.

The day before we left, our teacher told us that we were going to have a scavenger hunt for extra credit while we were there. I didn’t believe that this was going to be any sort of fun but, I was wrong. The freaking first thing we had to do was “High Five an employee.” I thought the thing was going to be like, “Find the Red Panda. What does it eat? How how long can they live? What type of color red are they?” Now to make sure we did the things on the on the hunt, we had to take a picture. So it was kinda hard to get a picture of “High Five and Employee.” because it’s a high five. It happens so fast that the picture ends up blurry. In the end my friend Paige basically held hands with a stranger for extra credit.

Paige: “You ready Court?”

Courtney: *Has her phone in front of her face, ready to take a picture.* “Go for it!”


Courtney: “That was too fast! The picture is all blurry!”

Employee: “We can just hold it there.”


Some other things on the list were; “Wear sunglasses next to the Sun Bear.”, “Make a fishy face to a school of fish.”, and “Fake kiss a Komodo Dragon.” And some of the things on the list we had to take a video for. Like, “Fake run away from a bear.” and “Ask a stranger for directions.” (The person we asked for directions legit, in big lettering on the back of his shirt, said, Ask me. So we did! That is his purpose in life.)

I honestly had a lot more fun than I thought I would. Even though we have a 120 question exam about our trip to the zoo coming up some time soon. (The only thing I learned was that Rainbow Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream is good.) Oh well.

(Mrs. Crawford, I will have my blog post challenges up by the end of the week. Swear.)

http://www.10tv.com/article/columbus-zoo-and-aquarium-goes-smoke-free  (A picture that we did not get extra credit for…)


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  1. BethCTech says:

    I’d rather hear about how your trip was fun than worry about any “extra credit” post. And the pics make me feel like I was there.


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