(Heads up. Sorry if I get some of this information wrong. I’m just a 16-year-old girl writing blog post.) So today my children, we are going to talk about every Americans favorite topic. Terrorism. (Yay.)

We all know about 9/11. Two planes crashed into both of the Twin Towers, one hit a part of the Pentagon, and one was crashed into a field in Philadelphia. (Which people believed that the plane was heading to the White House.) I was only a year old when that happened. All I have known is War and Terrorism. Because of 9/11, people just can’t walk on planes anymore without being apart of a 100 step process. Yes, the Navy SEALS did kill Osama Bin Laden because of the attacks but, there have been so many other attacks since then and have we done anything? Nope. I feel like America just waits for something major to happen to make a statement about, “Oh, we’re going to get these guys. We’re gonna get them good.” AND THEN WE NEVER DO. WE JUST SAY STUFF DO MAKE US LOOK TOUGH.

I know it’s hard to start a War because these groups are not just in one country. All the Wars America has been in as been about Countries. Like, WWII. We didn’t like Germany or Japan so, we attacked Germany and Japan but now, we can’t pin point one country or one certain location to attack. One major group now is ISIS. Yes, we can say that ISIS is from Syria or Iraq but there is just so many people in that group from across the globe that we just can’t kill all of them at once. And the other thing is, people believe that we can just drop a bomb on them and it would be done. The other day when Trump dropped The Mother Of All Bombs on Syria, it accidentally killed 18 rebels as well. Rebels meaning people that worked in our favor. No we don’t know if, because of this act, if we just switched some rebels to joining ISIS or not. We can’t just go into this guns blazing. We have to think about it. We can’t be like ISIS and their “guns blazing” idea because they don’t care who dies. They don’t even care if they die. But that is what makes America different. We actually do care. (When we actually do something about it.)

I don’t want to go to War at all but then again, what is going to make them stop? We just let them walk all over us and our allies. We are going to lose our allies one day if we don’t do something. I also don’t believe that this is going to be World War III. As long as we don’t do anything major like, I don’t know, nuke someone. I just wished it would all stop. And soon.



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  1. This is a huge topic to talk about and I can go on and on about it! Great blog post


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