It’s Been Real

I only have two more days of my Junior career at Kenton Ridge High School.

Oh, am I upset you ask?


Not at all.


I’m ready for a filled summer of staying in my basement and listening for foreign rap music.

I turn 17 in July which is not that exciting because I’m like the youngest in my class.

Maybe I’ll get a job.

Who knows.

Mardi Gras was pretty neat but then again I have a scar on my ankle from marching.

I didn’t go to Homecoming or Prom thanks for askin’.

I had one class with some of my friends in it.

I made Honor Roll.

Did I make Top Band?

Of course not.

I don’t have money.

Mom only went to the hospital 5 times this year.

My friends are leaving and going into the Navy.

Maybe I’ll sell some of my art work this summer.

I wanna buy a pocket trumpet.

I wanna play trumpet in Jazz Band.

I wanna redo my room but what’s the point if I’m gonna move out?

I”m going to Indy PopCon.

Mom won’t let me play her violin.

I miss being in Choir.

How far away is Heidelberg, Germany?

How does one become the Mayor of Yellow Springs?

Does Yellow Springs even have a Mayor?

I watched 8 episodes of Death Note last night.

I want non-melted Kinder Eggs.

I want legal Kinder Eggs.

Not eggs stolen from Germany.

I want to paint on a giant wall.

I want to buy an old house and redo everything.

Do I want to be a student in Germany, China, or South Korea?

Do I want to go to The Air Force Academy?

I did get that paper from D.C.

How does one sign up for a Dig Site?

I want to visit old grave sites.

Do I want an Itailan, French, or Japanese garden at my house?

I want to have a Library in my house.

I want to go camping.

In a tent.

I want Green Tea Ice Cream.

What if we actually move to Las Vegas this Summer?

(Things Avery Jane thinks about at 8:40 on a Sunday night.)  (This art makes my heart happy)











2 Comments Add yours

  1. BethCTech says:

    Great list! Your blog was always a pleasure to read, and I hope you revisit it and write again in the future.


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