• I am not the tallest person ever
  • I wish to go to college to become an Archeologist
  • I enjoy playing video games
  • I really love music and I listen to music in different languages like Korean & French and many more
  • I have at least three notebooks filled with crazy and random drawings just from this last year alone
  • I love learning new things even if it might take me longer to understand
  • I’m in band
  • I went to Honor Choir twice
  • I won three blue medals from Solo & Ensemble
  • I got Squad of the Year
  • I play Archery


I do what I do to become a better person and because I enjoy doing it and hopefully my actions will make the people around me a little better as well.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Madison says:

    Your blog looks really nice! It’s cool you play archery because it’s different and seems really fun. Also band seems pretty cool. You should check out my blog https://madisong2001.edublogs.org


  2. Cameron says:

    Hey I really like the look of your blog it’s really clean looking. I enjoy video games and i really like drawing (though I’m not any good). What made you want to study archaeology?


    1. cultureasite says:

      Hey Cameron! Thanks for saying my blog has a clean look to it! ( I swept it myself.) So, instead of writing ten pages of why I want to study archaeology, I’ll shall give you this, https://cultureasite.wordpress.com/2017/02/03/failure/ (You can read it or whateva.) Talk to ya later!


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